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Warmly Celebrate Davo Electronics participation in the Guangzhou International Self-service Vending System and Facilities Expo Fair

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Yazar : Kevin Deng
Güncelleme zamanı : 2020-08-06 19:15:09
Warmly celebrate Davo Electronics participation in the Guangzhou International Self-service Vending System and Facilities Expo Fair

On August 3-5, 2020, the 8th Guangzhou International Self-service Vending System and Facilities Expo be held in Guangzhou·China Import and Export Fair Complex. The expo has been successfully held for 7 sessions, bringing together well-known enterprises and professional buyers from all regions to create the world's largest self-service vending and new retail industry exhibition. The booth area of this exhibition is 50,000 square meters. More than 700 domestic and foreign exhibitors participated in the exhibition. Shenzhen Davo Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this exhibition.
DAVO carefully organized and worked hard, bringing customized solutions for the metal keyboard industry, a variety of industrial metal keyboard brand products, etc., with unique booth design, high-quality product introduction, and excellent staff, attracting many exhibitors inquiries and exchanges. Many exhibitors not only showed a strong intention of cooperation, but even some customers purchased directly on site.
The characteristics and advantages of the metal keyboard have attracted the attention of the interviewers on CCTV's "Dialogue with Chinese Brands" column under the wonderful speech and demonstration by the person in charge of the company and invited an exclusive interview. The person in charge of the company answered the host’s questions on the advantages of the company and products, product application fields, market competitiveness, whether it is an independent brand, industry prospects, etc., and was invited to attend the "Rising China" held in Guangzhou on August 6 "Brand" dialogue program.
Through this exhibition, DAVO Electronics not only demonstrated the company’s products, professional capabilities, and competitiveness, consolidated existing partnerships, and discovered many potential customers, but also have a deeper understanding of product prospects, market demand, user changes, etc. , it also laid a good foundation for the company's next development and market expansion.
In today's turbulent metal keyboard industry, grasping customer needs means grasping tomorrow. Davo Electronics will use more professional and refined services, better products, and a more keen focus to grasp the hearts of customers and grasp tomorrow!

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